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This is the website for the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Bungay in Suffolk.

The Plan is being developed by groups of individuals who live and work in Bungay. The following pages will grow as the project develops, which is now expected to take around four years to complete.

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19/01/21 Letter of objection to development off Pilgrims Way
14/08/20 Site Assessment in Resources
27/02/20 February Minutes
23/01/20 January Minutes
03/12/19 Design Codes now in Resources
20/11/19 October Minutes
02/10/19 Added Waveney Local Plan to Resources
24/09/19 July and September Minutes
26/06/19 June Minutes
12/06/19 Added Housing Needs Assessment document
29/05/19 April and May Minutes
02/04/19 March Minutes
06/03/19 February Minutes
24/01/19 November and January Minutes
07/11/18 September and October Minutes
26/06/18 June Minutes
21/06/18 May minutes
30/04/18 April Minutes
27/03/18 March minutes
09/03/18 February Minutes
14/02/18 January Minutes
28/12/17 November Minutes
25/10/17 October Minutes
20/10/17 NDP Response to Waveney Plan
20/10/17 September Minutes
02/09/17 Added Co-op Consultation page
30/07/17 July Minutes
26/07/17 Added information on the Subgroups
22/06/17 June Minutes
25/05/17 Added Consultations page
23/05/17 April and May Minutes
26/03/17 March minutes
17/03/17 Updated Contact List, added February Minutes
03/02/17 Updates to Contact List
25/01/17 Up to date meeting Minutes
07/11/16 Updated Contact List
12/10/16 Replaced home page image
09/08/16 Updated Terms of Reference
21/07/16 Updated Contact page and added Meeting Minutes
12/07/16 Updated Contact page

Update 10/10/20

Owing to the Covid-19 restrictions, the BNDP has been unable to meet in person since February. However, we are pleased to report that the draft plan is now with East Suffolk Council for review. In addition, we have also written to ESC to object to the poor housing mix of the development near the swimming pool as the plans do not meet the requirements needed for Bungay. We have also sent a letter of objection to the development off Pilgrims Way. Click Resources for details and Meetings for the notes from virtual meeting we have held..

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